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Lemonade3d has finished the creation of an integrated VR/real life theme park ride which included a real life steampunk hot air balloon basket and a VR recreation of the basket with an extended roman/ancient desert village scenery. The ride consists of a vertical rise of the balloon which is attacked by a fire breathing dragon. The VR ride was created for “Imagination:first” company based in Germany.

Lemonade3d is nearing the end of the production of a short animated film based on the works by the famous Croatian artist Vasko Lipovac. The film has been financed by the Croatian Audio Visual Center, ARTE TV station and the town of Zagreb. The film is co-produced by Lemonade3d, Bagan films, ARTE and 3D2D Animatori.

Lemonade3d has been collaborating with the Klis county for the past year on the creation of the interpretation centre located in the heart of the town. The centre will house a hologram, wall to wall projections and a 3d mapping of the facade.


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