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Being long time Lightwave users, we were all very happy to see that newtek has done a press release on our studio and our short animated movie “she who measures”

You can read the press release HERE

and here is a short brake down of the article:

In 2008, “She who measures”, an animated movie produced with LightWave, won the Fipresci Award at the International Animated Film Festival in Annecy (MIFA).

In 2009, the success story of Lemonade 3D studio continues: Thursday April 9th, Lemonade 3D won the Animated Eye Award(Best Animation Award) in Aspen Shortfest 2009.
More than 60 short films had been selected for the festival from 21 countries for this esteemed, five-day Oscar®-qualifying International Competition. By way of consequence ,“She who measures” is now eligible for the Oscars!

“We were honored to present SHE WHO MEASURES at Aspen Shortsfest 2009 and were delighted that it received such an enthusiastic reception from our audiences and jury,” the organizers said.

“She who measures”
has been entirely produced with LightWave 3D® (more information below).

LightWave 3D® artists Veljko Popovic, director, Milivoj Popovic, lead-modeler and Marin Kovacic -lead animator- can pride themselves on their unprecedented success: beside Annecy and Aspen, since they first enrolled in Animafest festival in Croatia, the awards keep coming!!

She Who Measures…the success story!

The film

“This timely and provocative animation asks: Are we slaves to our society, or is there an escape after all?”
(Aspen Shortfest)

The awards

Earlier in 2008, Lemonade 3D studios were selected for Animafest in Zagreb -Croatia-, supposedly the “second oldest festival in Europe” (it has been existing for more than 30 years). First award: they got a special mention for their animated film ‘She who measures’, ‘for using 3D animation in an organic and handcrafted way.’ All the more encouraging since 94 movies had been selected for the festival, including Oscar winner and Oscar nominee for short movies…The awards

Lemonade 3D?

Lemonade 3D studios were created five years ago. It first started as a game production studio and then it turned into Lemonade 3D, oriented towards 3D Graphics (games, TV, commercials…).

Veljko Popovic and his co-founers have been using LightWave 3D® for years, and keep being very enthusiastic about the software: “‘It is not very expensive but it has all the tools necessary to produce great looking graphics and rendering. Plus, it is very easy to incorporate Photoshop and LightWave 3D® to create the desired effects”.

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