Animacor (Cordoba, Spain) report

So, here’s a bit late Animacor report…

The festival was held from 3rd to 8th November, we arrived there on the 5th, just in time for the short movie competition screenings. The cinema where the screenings were at was decent and the selection was quite good, unfortunately the turnout from the general public was not that great and the cinema, which was small to begin with, was mostly half empty at best.

On the other side, the festival had something like 40 or more filmmakers present (either authors or producers/someone from the crew) so there was a lot of socializing among authors, unfortunately we (I was there with my brother and a friend) were quite tired from the 5 day roadtrip which had us keeping to ourselves a bit initially, so we kind of missed on all that. However, I can highly recommend Animacor for exactly that socializing factor which was a lot higher than what I’ve seen on the other festivals.

Aside from all that, there were animation and modeling workshops organized that were aimed at (local) kids, which is nice I guess, there was a series of Anime movies screenings, and a couple of production conferences that I missed because they were held in a different part of the city from everything else and I got lost on the way there. :)

Overall, the movie selection was very good, filmmaker community  presence was outstanding, the hospitality from the festival was excellent, and I highly recommend anyone to attend next year if they get a chance. 5 stars! :)

A few photos:

Cinema where the screenings were at:

Coctail party on the first day we were there:

Party on the second day:

A couple of shots of the city centre:

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